Restoration and Repair of wood windows

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Wood Window Repair and Restoration Services
  • Basic tune-up includes freeing sticking sash, removing excess paint, lubricating sliding surfaces and adjusting stops and locks.
  • Full restoration may include all of the above plus removal of sash, stripping of old paint and putty, repair of any damage, replacement of broken glass, reputty, prime and finish paint.
  • Energy Efficiency Enhancement includes installation of spring bronze or kerf pile weather stripping to make sash weather tight and smooth operating. (stops drafts and rattling)
  • Mechanical restoration includes renewal of ropes and pulleys.
  • Mechanical upgrade includes installation  of balance system on windows without a balance system, (Need stick to hold window open.)
  • Caulking and window insulation services available and priced separately.
  • Traditional wood storms with interior removable screen and glass inserts. No need to take down in the spring.