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Period and antique Wood windows were designed to be repaired and maintained. Olde Window Restorers is skilled and experienced at maintaining your period and historic wood windows. Sticky window sash, broken ropes, broken glass, glazing putty and paint can be taken care of at your location and with minimal interuption to your home. Although your windows may be drafty, painted shut and not working the way they should, they do not have to be replaced. Some basic maintenance will return your wood windows to good operation. In addition to basic repairs and maintenance OWR can install weather stripping to your windows to make them more energy efficent and even improve operation.

Historic wood windows were made from old growth wood that have many growth rings per inch. This makes the wood more stable and durable compared to fast growth wood used in today's windows. Unlike modern windows, period and hsitoric wood windows were made to be repaired. With restoration and routine maintenance, restored windows can easily last another 100 years. Typical life of modern replacement windows is 10 to 30 years.

The best way to protect your investment is to repair/restore your period and historic wood windows. old windows and make them energy efficient.

Old window fact: Period and historic wood windows in combination with quality weather stripping and proper fitting storm windows are as energy efficient as modern double pane windows.

Olde Window Restorer is located near Concord New Hampshire and is a period and historic wood window repair company. For many years we have been providing our customers with the best services in wood window repair and window restoration. You no longer have to worry about fighting with your old windows. We can repair and restore your windows, rather than replacing them. We do not damage the structure of your home

Original windows are designed as part of the structure and fit with the design of the home as well. Replacing original windows will can take away from the beauty of the home’s original look.

Thank you for visiting our website of Olde Window Restorer. We hope that you will find our window services, including window repair and window restoration, to be exactly what you are looking for. We will be happy to come to your location to assess your windows and devise the best plan for you. Please feel free to contact us with all of your window service questions or inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.

Restore or Replace; If you are considering replacement of your vintage or antique wooden windows, consider this: Replacement windows seldom compare aesthetically or for cost/value to original windows. Your old windows properly restored will generally far outlast most replacements. The reason; old growth lumber is much more durable then the new growth lumber from which modern windows are constructed. There is value in maintaining windows that are original to the building. So if you are looking for a window repair or window service then search no further. 

Do It Yourselfers, Restoration specialists;
If you want to deglaze sash much faster and safer than ever before, check out the Portable Steam Stripper as demonstrated at the NH Old House & Barn Expo

If you have a large number of windows to deglaze check out the companion steam cabinet.


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