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Aqua Glaze Acrylic Glazing Compound

Glaze your windows today, Paint them tomorrow.
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Aqua Glaze Acrylic Glazing Putty
Olde Window Restorers has been using Aqua glaze for over 10 years to glaze all types of windows. It works similar to traditional oil based putty with some terrific benefits.

  • Can be painted in 24 hours when used for glazing and under an hour for spot repairs
  • Does not have to be primed before painting
  • Easily reversible - can be removed with simple hand tools.
  • No solvents
  • Water clean up
As a guide; one quart will glaze 2-3 six over six windows or 5-6 two over two.
**E-Doc instructions and access to instructional videos included.

DIYers, Restoration and Preservation professionals - will appreciate the time saved and ease of use.

View the videos on how to glaze with Aqua Glaze or other glazing putty 

For more information on how to use Aqua Glaze download this PDF

Aqua Glaze - Quarts
$15.99 per Quart plus Priority mail shipping U.S.
Inquire for shipping rates to other locations. email

Per Quart w/ Priorty USPS Shipping US
pushpinShips Priority Flat Rate US mail so be sure to provide a shipping address where you receive mail.

Aqua Glaze - Case
$90.00 x (6 tubs) plus Priority mail shipping U.S.
Inquire for shipping rate to other locations. (25#) email

Per Case w/ Shipping