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Invisible Balances
will make your old wood windows work smooth as silk.
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Invisible balances are a modern balance system designed to be used on antique or historic wood window sash to either replace or add a balance where none exists.
   Note: Sash should be 1 1/8" thick or greater.

  • Completely invisible when installed
  • Can be installed with average wood working skills
  • Windows will stay up in any position and not fall on your hands unexpectedly.
  • Simple time proven mechanism.
  • Your customers will marvel at how easy and smooth their old windows can work.
  • This product is used by many reproduction window manufacturers for use in period or historic reproduction windows.

DIYers, Restoration and Preservation professionals - will appreciate a solution for balances that does not change the look of your period or historic windows. View/Download instructions to install invisible balances.

How to measure: First remove a sash that you want to install balances.
    1. For multipane sash, measure vertically from the top of the glass of the upper pane to the bottom of lower pane. For single or 2 pane sash, measure the height of the visible glass from the inside. Subtract 2" from this number. This will give you the overall max length of the balance.
    2. Weight the sash on a shipping or household scale. This will determine the strength of the balance to use.
Balances are $39.95 per pair for most residential sizes
Example entry: 9 lbs - 18 inches
Update quantities for each size in Shopping Cart.
Enter sash weight and balance length
Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery as they are made to order.

Invisible Balances Installed in 1860s window.

How to Measure and cut slots
The video above was taken at Olde Windows Restorers shop with customer sash. 

More detailed information for installation will be provided on purchase. If you have questions call 603-529-0261 or email me.